Private one-day tours | Table
clock     7hours  euro    From 50 € per person  

If you are a fan of the blue sea, medieval towns, gentle mountains all spiced up with good traditional cuisine then no doubt this tour is your best choice.

clock     3 hours  euro    From 32 € per person  

A brief escape from an urban city will leave you with memories that are worth remembering and sharing with your friends.

clock    All-day tour   euro   From 80 € per person   

Because of its clearness, Tara is known as “tears of Europe” so, with a reason, Montenegrins are proud of the river as one of the most recognizable symbols of our beautiful country.

clock     6-7 hours   euro     From 45 € per person   

These picturesque places are considered Old Montenegro so this tour should be No 1 for all of you who would like to try to understand this historically rich country. 

clock  5-6 hours  euro From 40 € per person

The tour is a great choice to visit the two most attractive places in central Montenegro in just a couple of hours. This is a beautiful oasis of peace and rests for the eyes and mind for every visitor. 

clock     5 hours  euro    From 48 € per person 

Hungry for natural beauty and traditional cuisine, this tour will satisfy all your expectations and awaken in you the desire to come back to Montenegro.