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Hungry for natural beauty and traditional cuisine, this tour will satisfy all your expectations and awaken in you the desire to come back to Montenegro.

We are sure that you have heard of Skadar Lake National Park and all its natural beauties and rich fauna. And have you heard that the area around the lake is suitable for growing vines?

Some grape species originate from here and some can be found outside Montenegro. However, it's not all in the vine, the art of wine making is passed down from generation to generation and every winemaker keeps his secret and presents his favorite treasure - wine.

Montenegro is also known for one of the largest wineries in Europe - Plantaze, but we certainly put the emphasis on small wineries but excellent winemakers.

This tour is a wine tour, a wine, brandy and traditional cuisine tour. This is a hospitality tour, a gastronomic and wine tour. This is about Montenegrins, their homes, tradition and culture. A real experience off the beaten path.

To complete the atmosphere there is the opportunity for a boat excursion in a part of the national park, usually lasting an hour or more, the decision is up to you.

Note: All written tours are just our proposal, so please feel free to create your own tour. We will be happy to assist you.