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The tandem paragliding flight and canyoning is the best that Montenegro has to offer as the ultimate adventure day experience. Let's have fun togheter!

During the summer we usually get tired of staying on the beach and we are looking for a little action. That's why we have prepared the ultimate daily adventure - canyoning and tandem pargliding. No worries, these activities can be organized separately, and/or combined with any other activities that our team has to offer.

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This canyon offers the possibility of fun and adventure for children, but also for experienced canyoneers. During this 3 hour activity you will experience hiking, abseiling (repelling) and jumps / slides from various heights to the beautiful natural water pools below.

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This tour starts at 10am but if there are 4+ of you in the group then we can start the tour whenever it suits you best. This tour sometimes we connect with tandem paragliding and lunch in the village. 

The feelings that flow before, during and after the flight are very difficult to describe, so we will stick to just a few facts and let you experience the rest for yourself.  

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Here is a brief overview of what you will go through with your instructor and the man in charge of your life (lol).

After 15 minutes of preparation, you are ready to run in the freedom. That is right, you have to run before you fly. Beautiful view during the 15 minutes flight all the way down from an altitude of about 800 meters above the ground. Budva Riviera looks amazing from this perspective. 

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Ok, let's collect the parachute, watch the video from the Go Pro camera and hang it on instagram, tag us and let's stay in touch. See you around.

Note: The equipment has been inspected by an authorized service technician authorized by the Civil Aviation Agency. Canyon guides and pilots are licensed and have tandem flying licenses and years of experience.