Lovcen-Cetinje town- Rijeka Crnojevica tour
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These picturesque places are considered Old Montenegro so this tour should be No 1 for all of you who would like to try to understand this historically rich country. 

On this tour, we will guide you through stories and places that have that little “something”.

cetinje montenegro travel

Our first stop is the the town of Cetinje, Old Royal capital of Montenegro. It’s a living postcard with small houses, museums and a monastery. Many Montenegrin ruling families chose this place for their home. It is no wonder that Montenegrins consider this city the custodian of their history. 

Just a couple of miles away lies Lovcen mountain which oversees the magnificent Boka bay. Mentioned in all books of Montenegrin history, Lovcen is our holy alter, our simbol of the country and nationality.

lovcen national park tour

Lovcen National Park is covered with medicinal herbs so the air is very refreshing. All your senses work here, and after a couple of hundred steps that leading to the one of the highest mausoleum in the world, we are sure that your blood will circulate even younger. 

After visiting Lovcen, we're driving towards the town of Rijeka Crnojevica that lies on the brink of the river Crnojevica.

rijeka crnojevica via pavlova strana

Our best pick is a panoramic road known as Paul's side which gives great views, made for postcards. Of course, nothing in Rijeka Crnojevic is done without tasting local delicacies - food and wine ( not included in the price, it's just our recommendation) 

Option 1: Winery visit - wine, liquor and food degustation. 

Option 2: Boat cruising on your request.

Note: All written tours are just our proposal, so please feel free to create your own tour.