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If you are a fan of the blue sea, medieval towns, gentle mountains all spiced up with good traditional cuisine then no doubt this tour is your best choice.

Through centuries many empires came to Montenegro and many succeeded in conquering it. No wonder why there are still remains of different architectural styles standing today still.

On this tour, we will guide you through stories and places that have that little “something”.

But, let's start like this.

Our first stop is the Old Royal capital of Montenegro. It’s a living postcard with small houses, museums and a monastery from the 15th century. Many Montenegrin ruling families chose this place for their home. And it was a no brainer.

Just a couple of miles away lies the village of Njegusi which oversees the magnificent Boka bay. Njegusi was a stronghold of the Petrovic dynasty and the most famous Montenegrin ever – Petar II Petrovic Njegos – beloved bishop, ruler and poet. This area is famous for tourists today because of its old spirit and traditional cuisine.

From Njegusi downwards our path leads through 25 serpentines made by Austro-Hungarians. It is probably one of the most wonderful roads in the world, with sights of Boka Bay in the back.

Then it’s time to visit the old town of Kotor. Legends say that it was founded 1000 years ago. Its narrow cobblestoned intertwined streets with churches, cathedrals and cafes/shops in between are just something you need to discover on your own.

Then we move to the Old Town of Budva that belongs to Budva Riviera. The Riviera is the most popular place in the whole of Montenegro. Especially its islet of St. Stephen. Once it was an island. Now it’s more of a peninsula. But actually it is a hotel.

Views of the Skadar Lake follow us on the way back to Podgorica.

If this sounds confusing, that means we have to take you there and explain everything. Of course, it is so beautiful that your family and friends are going to like the photos so much.

Note: All written tours are just our proposal, so please feel free to create your own tour. We will be happy to assist you.