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Northern Montenegro is usually neglected in favor of the Adriatic Sea and the coastal area. But if sometimes you need a mountain, hiking, an activity with an adrenaline rush and some heavy food to awaken your natural instincts and prepare you for the next challenge in your urban life, this  Montenegro vacation package is for you. 

Here is what we have in mind:

Day 1

The first day of the tour is reserved for Ostrog Monastery and the National Park Durmitor.

Visiting this monastery will bring peace to your mind and body. This is the sacred place all Montenegrins are proud of, no matter the religion.

Our first activity on Durmitor is a hiking tour from the Black Lake through the National Park led by your local guide. 

black lake durmitor montenegro

After the tour it's time to recharge the batteries in one of the local restaurants that offer traditional food of the area like kacamak, cicvara and roasted meat. We are all looking forward to these meals so trust us, you will enjoy it too. 

Overnight in the highest situated settlement in the Balkans but also the center of the most beautiful national park in Montenegro, town of Zabljak. We are sure you will agree with us on this being the right place to spend the night.

Day 2

We will start this day by driving across the Durmitor Massif on some truly breathtaking roads to arrive at the coast of the Tara River Canyon, where your Rafting adventure will begin.

montenegro rafting tour

The beauties of the canyon and of the crystal clear water are not easy to describe in words. A few hours on water then we are having lunch in the camp, and you will be ready to go back to Žabljak. 

Note: This second day can be tailor-made per your request. Our experts are happy to help.  

Day 3

The third day starts with visiting a masterpiece of a bridge-building, the bridge Đurđevića Tara. It's not just about its beauties, it's more about its history, but let’s leave something for your guide to tell you, right?

Anyway, you will catch the best view of the bridge during Zip Line from one side to another of the canyon, some 150 meters above the river water.

zipline montenegro tara canyon

Ok, so now we are awake and ready for the next stop.

One of the last three virgin forests in Europe is Biogradska Gora National Park. If we take a step further into the depths of the mountain, we will find the most beautiful emerald colors of the stunning Biograd Lake. In the clear lake water, all the beauty of the ancient forest is reflected, giving a turquoise color to the see-through water. 

Easy hiking around the lake before lunch stop and Moraca Monastery. 

biograd lake national park

The Morača Monastery was built in the 13th century. You will notice that this sacred place is surrounded like a medieval fortress hiding many legends and one completely unique way of life: the life of Orthodox monks filled with prayers, hopes and believes in good and God.

monastery moraca kolasin

The Morača River is considered as one of the symbols of Podgorica, and it is the biggest river that flows through the city. It is featured on some flags and country symbols. Our way back to the starting position is led right through the mountains, on the real edge of this canyon. This is the end of the tour.

Check your camera, it was pretty amazing, right?

Note: Please feel free to suggest some changes. Our experts are happy to help.