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Montenegro is a paradise for people who like different kinds of activities, or let’s say all kinds of outdoor activities. We are very proud of our nature, our cities, rivers and lakes so come with us and we will show you our “wild beauty” and the Montenegrin lifestyle and all in the best 7 days Montenegro package tour.

Hiking, rafting, boat cruising on the Skadar Lake, wine and traditional food tasting, cruising in the Boka Bay, exploring nature, visiting UNESCO heritage regions and meeting locals can all fit in one tour: this in our 7-days vacation tour.

More about the tour day by day:

Day 1

After a scenic drive we will arrive at the Monastery Ostrog. This is the sacred place all Montenegrins are proud of, no matter the religion. Visiting this place will bring peace to your mind and body.

ostrog monastery from podgorica

Believers from all over the world come here to pray for the health of their loved ones and that of their own, because this Monastery - curved into a stone wall of a mountain over a cliff - is like being at half way between earth and heaven. 

Drive to the Black Lake where we organized a hiking tour from the lake, well known as the "Montenegrin eyes" to a few of the other 17 lakes in the park. That is right, this mountain is full of water and it won't be easy to choose your favorite lake but we assure you that you will enjoy every step, every view and every moment spent in the park.

adventure montenegro tour

We spend the night in Žabljak at a modern mountain cottage or in a hotel.

Day 2

Rafting in the Canyon of the Tara river is one of the most popular activities in Montenegro. On our way to the  starting point of the rafting tour we will have a panoramic ride through the beautiful mountains, peaks, glacial lakes and eco-villages.

All this scenery is something completely unique and truly unforgettable. Rafting will be again a whole new adventure after this.

tara rafting tour durmitor

A traditional Montenegrin meal for lunch (have you ever heard of “sač”?) with mountain cheese, fish and a fresh salad will bring back our energy to return to our accommodation in Žabljak.

Note: This activity can be tailor-made per your request. Our experts are happy to help.

Day 3

Today, Tara river, that has the deepest canyon in Europe, will introduce you to an unspoiled nature and while perching above this over 150 feet depth, the Đurđevića Tara bridge ensures a unique view of the fast river and the surrounding nature. The ZipLine is right next to the bridge and it’s our next “mission” on the tour.  

zipline montenegro tara canyon

Next stop, Biogradska Gora National Park, one of the last three virgin forests in Europe, and if we take a step further into the depths of the mountain, we will find the most beautiful emerald colors of the stunning Biograd Lake.

We will do an easy walking around the lake through the forest. Bjelasica is one of our most beautiful mountains. The pastures are rich in herbs and in this peaceful, quiet atmosphere the only sound you here is that of the birds and bees. We are sure you will enjoy this untouched nature along with the traditional lunch before we continue our trip.

biograd lake national park montenegro

Afer short stop to visit the Moraca Monastery from 13 century, the beautiful scenic road through the canyons of the Morača river will drive us to Podgorica, where we spend the night.

Day 4

We start the day driving towards the small town of Virpazar. This was the center of the commercial area here and it’s located in the heart of Skadar Lake National Park. From here, we will begin our boat ride through the picturesque canals of this lake, enjoying the rich flora and fauna and the diverse bird species. Swimming is an option too. 

skadar lake national park river crnojevica

Villages around the lake are famous for wineries used to produce the famous Montenegrin red wine Vranac, a product that Montenegrins are extremely proud of!

As well as wine, locals are proud of brandy and food specialties, which are mostly presented with the story of origin. Waiting for you.

montenegro wine tours best

The old Turkish town of Bar is next on our route. Tasting some baklava, olives and trying the local fish dishes is a must-do here. This town is one of three old towns we will visit on the coast in the next few days. From Bar, we are going back to Podgorica.

Day 5

We all love the idea of visiting another planet as closely as possible. This is relevant here, because the Lipa Cave is usually being advertised this way - Lipa Cave: Like another planet. Amazing, right? Our visit will last 60 minutes and while inside, you will forget it's a warm day outside.  

A panoramic drive over the Budva Riviera via Brajići including a stop to take photos above the St. Stefan island on the way to Budva is a must-do on our bucket lists. This island is visited by many Hollywood stars as well as royal families and personally Queen Elizabeth II came here to enjoy the view. Now the island is attracting tourists with its glamour, but behind the look lies a tumultuous history.

budva old town

This will be followed by an informative guided tour through the old town of Budva, just like the one in Bar.

Budva Old Town is the most famous summer resort in Montenegro but also the center of nightlife and it’s popular for all ages. We will sleep here at the hotel and the evening is free to spend as you desire.

Day 6

The speedboat tour will help you discover some hidden places like the Blue Cave, a small beach accessible only by boat, but also a modern and luxury resort like Porto Novi, then visiting the unique and only artificial island on the Adriatic Sea, Our Lady of the Rocks and some other interesting attractions in the bay. 

montenegro package tours best

At the end of the day, discovering the secrets of old town Kotor is always a good choice especially in the evenings when you can enjoy the magnificent lights of Kotor's walls.

Day 7

The old road with its 25 serpentines above Boka Bay is something you will tell your friends about even after decades of visiting our country. It is our unforgettably beautiful panoramic route to Lovćen National Park. The center of the national park is the Mausoleum of the famous Montenegrin Bishop and poet Njegoš. Exactly 461 steps lead us to this amazing spot, but there is no hurry, we have all day ahead. Once you arrive on the top, the views are amazing, and you will find that all your efforts were worth.

kotor private tour

A short visit to Cetinje, the old royal capital of Montenegro will once again remind you of the rich history of our country, but unfortunately also of the poor economy. This almost forgotten, typical Montenegrin town was once home for our King Nikola Petrović.

rijeka crnojevica via pavlova strana

Before we end this vacation we will visit one small family winery, enjoying wine and food tasting, meeting local wine maker and via Pavlo's side above river Crnojevica back to Podgorica. 

Availability: April - November 

Note: Please feel free to suggest some changes.